GreatWall International Cancer Center

Treatment Step & Travel Guide

The first step is:
go to http:/
send the patient's enquiry based on the patient's form. Use digital camera to retake the CT
pictures under very bright light so that the doctor can see and return the patient the treatment
plan. (Make sure the patient's tel number & email address are correct.)

All conditions are treatable basing on our 93% efficacy rate. Our doctor is from Harvard.  Gene
therapy combining others has proved 3 times more effective than any method available alone
in the world. It is only available in this hospital for western and international patients.  20% of
the patients need 1 full month, 60% of the patients need 2 full months, another 20% of the
patients with liver, lung and brain metastases need 2-3 months. It depends on the tumor size,
color and the patient's body system reaction to the treatment.

You will hear from the doctor's office in Beijin in one or two days through the email with the
attached documents for

1. the actual
Price Quote of the treatment plan for the first month and payment method
2. the hospital invitation letter for the patient visa
3. how to meet you at the airport

All of your fees include the ride between the airport, hotel and hospital. As soon as
you book the airplane ticket, inform us
immediately about your airline, departure date & time,
arriving date & time so that we can send people to meet you at the airport on time; in case
there is an airline delay, we know how long. Ms Leanne and others will wait at the airport and
hold a sign with the hospital's name and your name on it so that you can find each other
easily. Inform us your departure 3-5 days ahead of the time so that we can reserve the
treatment schedule for you and you donnot have to wait in the hotel for a few days once you

Visa Application:

Type "China Embassy in Your Country" in Yahoo search bar to get the info about the visa
application method, the embassy address and telephone. Walk-in visa can be done in the
same day. Some visas in some countries can be done online. Visas are guaranteed.

Patient Visa: Confirm the patient's name and the number and the name of the companion ,
which must be exactly the same as the passports to Daisy Dai who will open the hospital
treatment letter for your patient visa.
Touring Visa: You can also apply for Touring Visa to tour Beijing and see the doctor there.
Business Visa: You can also apply for Business Visa with the reason that you are planning to
do the business in Beijin, but you must be there to see the market first and decide the

Patients Living, Hospital Environment and Beijin:

All patients are required to be inpatients for the treatment convenience. The hospital regular
patient's room is international standard size with two beds, one for the patient, one for the
companion,  the shower and rest room, DSL dialup for the computer, a telephone, television,
refrigerator, microwave, heating and air conditioning. Another bigger size is one bed room with
two beds, a sitting room, two shower and rest rooms, the other same conditions. The
companion can live in the sitting room. The price for the bigger ward is double.  Other
companions will have to live in the hotel. The hospital has an inside restaurant preparing
western foods and Chinese foods. Patients can order foods from their rooms. There are
American restaurants like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Chinese
restaurants everywhere in Beijin. Sometimes patients and their families take taxi to go out for
shopping and dining. Patients' family can also prepare their own foods in the hospital where
you can find the stove and oven for the patients. There are 2 supermarkets, one smaller inside
the hospital, one big one just 7 minutes of walking distance from the hospital. You can shop all
kinds of  food items, soft drinks like coke, tooth brush, tooth paste, toilet paper, towel etc.

The hospital also has a laundry room, a meeting room and a computer room with software
called SKYPE for the patients and their families to make free international call.

Between December and the end of February, the coldest temperature in Beijin is -15
Farenheight in average. The hospital has the heating system. The summer time, it has the air
conditioning. Just prepare enough clothes for this temperature. You can also shop all seasons
clothes in Beijin.

There are American Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inns, Motel 8, Wal-mart, McDonald, Pizza Hut,
Kentucky Fried Chicken, Microsoft, Citibank, American schools and companies in Beijin. There
are over 1200 American big corporations in China plus European, Japanese, and some other
Asian countries' companies in China. Most of them are located in Beijin with branches in every
city. In 2007, China had over $350 million dollars of prescription drugs and medical
equipments from the US. By May, 2009, US Treasury has issued over $800 billion bond to
China, surpassing Japan to become the biggest creditor to US. The number is increasing over
to $1 trillion a few months later. In 2009, China GDP (the gross development percentage ) is
8.9%, the highest one in the whole world. China won the most Gold Medals for the 2008
Olympic Games. Check the good deals about the American hotels in Beijin at

There are many historical places and touring sites for visit in Beijin: The world famous one
-The Great Wall of China, The Summer Palace for the ancient kings, the Forbidden City, the
Olympic Games national stadium-Birds Nest, the world largest square-Tian An Men Square,
the Asia largest library-Beijin Library, the top 2 national universities of China-Beijin University
Campus and Tsing Hua University Campus where many students of these  2 universities later
on graduated from American Harvard, Yale, UCLA doctoral programs, Zhong Guan-Chun
science center where American Microsoft is associated, museums, parks and shopping centers

American Citi Bank in China does not take care of cashier check. Traveler's check has very
high transaction fee. Credit cards are only accepted by the big hotels, but not the hospital or
any other place. Cash payment is accepted everywhere in China. The hospital only accepts
cash wiring to our bank account in Hong Kong or cash payment at the hospital cashier desk.
The hospital doesn't take any check nor bank note nor credit card.  Carrying some small
amount of cash is for your traveling convenience. Wiring the big cash to our hospital account
is for the security reason. Fax your receipt to our hospital as soon as the wiring is done and
keep your receipt.

Patients are suggested to bring their own notebooks to go online, play games, watch their own
DVD, listen to their own CD music etc.

Check the price list at

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