GreatWall International Cancer Center
Small Cell Lung Carcinoma - Mr Wang    

Hospital: Beijing GreatWall International Cancer Center

Name: Mr. Wang
Gender: Male
Age: 56

Diagnosis: Small cell lung cancer. A lesion of size 5×3.5 cm was found in the central right lung
(Fig. 1).

Treatment: In Aug. 2006, combination Chemotherapy with Cryoablation

Post-therapy status: Three months later, the success of the cryosurgery procedure was
clearly confirmed, with the majority of tumor completely absent with no traces in remaining
tissues (Fig. 2); five months later, the residual tumor necrosis tissues continued to shrink, and
were resorbed down to a size of 1.5 cm across (Fig. 3); six months later, necrotic tissue was
absorbed completely with only a little scar tissue left (Fig 4).
Fig. 1 Before the Treatment                                                     Fig. 2. Three months after the treatment
Fig. 3 Five months after the treatment                                 Fig. 4 Six months after the treatment

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