GreatWall International Cancer Center
Gene Therapy Fact Sheet

On 12/2009, Japan Signed Contract with Us to Use Our Gene Therapy to Treat Their Cancer

11/1-3, 2008 , The founder of p53, Arnold J. Levine visited our hospital's affiliate, gene
therapy supplier, Sibiono Pharmaceutical Inc. and also expressed his interest in building
partnership with us for the gene therapy research and development and his other new
founding clinical trials. Arnold J. Levine received American Cancer Society Highest Honor for
Outstanding Contributions to Cancer Fight in 2009. To see his picture visiting Sibiono, go to   

2007, Governor of Massachusetts Deval L. Patrick was the 10th governor of 2007 from
America to lead  dozens of  representatives to visit China and signed multiple contracts with
them. The visiting members include Nobel Laureate Dr. Craig Mello of Shrewsbury and the
University of Massachusetts Medical School, the representatives of Harvard and MIT. Read
Article No 5 under Cancer News section of the hospital’s web site.

2007, America has had over 1,200 corporations located in Beijin with branches in every
city of China plus European , Japanese, Asian countries’ corporations located in Beijin and
other cities of China. Check this detail through “Patients Enquiry”, then “Travel Guide” link
below on the hospital’s web site.

9/9/2007, 600 leading Chinese doctors representing 200 best hospitals of the major cities
of China(There are 775 best hospitals of the major cities of China.) attended Sibiono forum.
15 nationally renowned experts shared their clinical treatment efficacy results and made a
record $3.8 million gene therapy vials sale just one day.

the end of 2005, 4,500 cancer patients from different countries at all stages have been
treated and proved gene therapy 3 times more effective than any method alone.

1/2004, GreatWall International Hospital has first started out to take international
patients for gene therapy treatment. Many of them were from Europe, Northern America,
Middle East, Singapore.

In the
spring of 2003, French Anderson of the University of S. California, a renowned gene
therapy pioneer, visited Sibiono and also the head of Chinese FDA. He says: “This was a
serious in-depth analysis.” “The company’s adenovirus is relatively simple compared with the
gene therapy systems being developed in the west. But sometimes simple is the best.”

1/2003, Sibiono Pharmaceutical Inc launched the world first commercial gene therapy
available in clinical practice.

1998-2003, Sibiono Pharmaceutical Inc. was doing the gene therapy laboratory
tests and clinical trials.

1998, Dr. Peng Zhaohui got seed grants from the government and corporations to launch
Sibiono Pharmaceutical Inc.

12/1997, James, S. Norris, Chair of Microbiology and Immunotherapy at the Medical
University of S. Carolina and President of International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy of
Cancer, attended a conference of gene therapy and Sibiono Pharmaceutical Inc setup
preparation in Shengzhen, China.

1994-1997, Dr. Peng Zhaohui, the father of gene therapy of China, worked at the
Medical School of University of California and multiple pharmaceutical companies in US.

1994, Dr. Peng Zhaohui published China’s first book on gene therapy.

1989-1994, he directed a biological chemistry lab in gene therapy research in
Guangzhou, China.

1980s, Dr. Peng Zhaohui studied gene therapy in Japan for his doctoral program.

Dr. Peng Zhaohui has been practising medical treatment and pharmaceutical experiment for
over 35 years.